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What happens when you bump into Danila Kozlovsky aka Dimitri Belikov? Does he tell you he's come to take the princess back to the academy? Does he tell you that you are so beautiful it hurts him sometimes? Or does he walk away from an exploding motorbike, hair and duster blowing in the breeze, like a badass?

Well wonder no more Vampire Academy fans and watch this adorable video of some very lucky VAddicts who happened to bump into the always adorable, very handsome, Russian god!

And just to make all of you fangirls fall in love with him even more, he recognised one of the fans, Miss @ValbonaPCullen (on Twitter) and thanked her for her letter! (awww!) Despite being in a rush, Danila took time to chat to the ladies, sign their books and even take a picture with them! Could he be any cuter?

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Vampire Academy hits theatres February 2014.


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