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Hey movie fans, if you're like me, then you love reading what critics have to say even if you've already made up your mind on whether a movie is worth watching.

So, let's take a look at some of what the critics have to say in Vin Diesel's latest sci-fi outing in Riddick.

"An improbable but very enjoyable sequel that recaptures much of the stripped-down intensity of Diesel and director David Twohy’s franchise starter Pitch Black." Scott Foundas (Variety).

Translation: 'Way more chill than Chronicles of Riddick'.

"Riddick, as a character, is best when he's alone, fighting against insurmountable odds, with narratives that serve his singular nastiness." Drew Taylor (The Playlist).

Translation: 'You know a movie has unique casting when Vin Diesel is the best actor'.

"Riddick is a fractured skeleton of a script, with each distinct installment scratching its own itch." Matt Patches (

Translation: 'If I find it hard to follow, then I'll use metaphors that are worse'.

"The aliens are unscary and easily despatched, Vin’s too silent to be interesting, and the other characters – a gang of bounty hunters on Riddick’s trail – are either dull or offensive." Tom Huddleston (Time Out London)

Translation: 'This is basically Halo'.

"Playing it safe with a script that offers Riddick up as a lone avenging hero, Twohy passes on the opportunity to effectively shade the character’s distinctive dimensionality." Justin Lowe (The Hollywood Reporter)

Translation: 'The director clearly had no faith in Vin Diesel's acting'.

"Too stodgy for B-movie suspense, too silly to shock, too sexist to stomach, Diesel’s return misfires." Kevin Harley (Total Film)

Translation: 'Meh'.

"For a film about a killing machine who can see at night, it's fittingly ironic that the film itself is, both narratively and visually, a dark, muddled mess." Nick Schager (Slant Magazine)

Translation: 'You could say the prospects for this one are... pitch black'.

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