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Tyler Easterday

I was pretty stoked to come across these interesting little gems the other day. Apparently, these were made in Hungary for the Star Wars re-releases back in 1997, and Hollywood had little say in what made it on the posters. This led the creators to put "their own take" on not just the poster art, but the movies as a whole as one can see by the images(who is that green guy!?). What resulted were these three posters. Not only are they pricelessly rad, but they're an interesting motif for foreign country's nonchalance for American cultural movie icons like Star Wars that have shaped our social life as a country.

Even though Star Wars has spread its conquest far and wide overseas, it's still funny to know that for every kid in the States who stands by his belief that Jar-Jar Binks was the worst thing to happen to the franchise, some European kid couldn't tell you Princess Amidala from Jaba the Hutt's taint. Here's the posters in all their glory:

Love it? Here's one more from Poland that's as gold as the robot that's on it:

With the current status of the work on part VII, fans are guaranteed teaser trailers and other exciting production milestones within the next year. All this fan-mania is exciting, and I expect great things from J.J. Abrams' first instalment (really hoping for some more challenging and heady sci-fi in the plot of this one, which I wouldn't doubt from Mr. Abrams), so there really is a lot to be excited about. These posters are a humorous reminder of one of easiest things to forget when your head is blissfully in "a galaxy far far away...": Star Wars is an American film franchise and only select countries have been exposed to its magic (or have any interest in it apparently). So next time you're in an argument with your friend over whether or not the "Cantina Band" should make a Behind the Music, just remember... For all the Hungarians know, that green guy is Jar Jar Binks, the great Jedi of Coruscant.


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