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Jonathan J Moya

Latent sexual symbols run amok in the newest cast poster for Machete Kills.

That’s Danny Trejo wielding the sexually suggestive machetes that slice up and into Sofia Vergara with her heavy breast armory that features automatic rapid fire action and Michelle Rodriguez wearing a Snake Pilssken eye patch and strategically placed for action big bang boom artillery. Alex Vega as Killjoy flashes some leg and a three pronged Bowie knife with multiple attachments. Lady Gaga crowds the edges as the siren La Chameleon.

Mel Gibson gets to be the villainous Mexican drug lord that Trejo must stop before he can launch a weapon into space. But first he must get through Mendez the Madman “Demian Bichir”. Charlie Sheen is the POTUS who sends Machete on his suicide mission.

Robert Rodriguez, going back to his action mashup roots, directs all the carnage.

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