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Thomas Cunningham IV

I'd dismissed the suggestions before and I still have no idea if she could pull off the gravitas required of the modern vision of the world's greatest Amazon, but seeing Perry in the video for "Roar," I couldn't help but be taken by her stunning resemblance to Lynda Carter, the enduring prototype of the character made real.

Clearly she could handle the campier aspects of the original tv series. I wouldn't be surprised to discover there's a real acting talent in there as well.

Look, there are plenty of actresses that could handle different aspects of the Wonder Woman persona. But Perry's anthemic songs of female empowerment combined with her natural beauty and obvious physical attributes are a compelling combination for this fan. The added advantage is that she's essentially a cinematic blank slate. Aside from her voice over work, she essentially played herself. Yet, she's a legitimate star with loads of charisma.

What do YOU think? Goofy stunt casting OR inspired perfection?

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