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Jonathan J Moya

The latest Escape Plan poster has the two S's of action, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, starring down the audience.

The two look more like they need to go badly rather than being pissed-off. I sure hope they are wearing their depends, because I don't want to be subject to an unfortunate incontinence episode.

The plot has the two S's coming up with an escape plan when the mastermind (Sly) of the escape proof prison is wrongfully imprisoned during the testing phase of its last debug.

Fans have been waiting 30 years for the 2 S's to come together and become one action awesome. With their stars fading and their fan base slowly dying off, it might be too late to recapture their former box office success. But then that all "depends" if their fan base can see it in a theater with a bathroom nearby.

Opens October 18th.

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