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I find myself to be inspired by films that have a great story, and amazing characters.
Heather Murphy

When I heard that Joseph Gordon Levitt was making his directorial debut I was excited! He is an extremely talented actor. I can't wait to see Don Jon, his first film behind the camera.

From what I've already seen from trailers and clips, I break out in a stupid grin every time I see Joseph Gordon Levitt in character as Jon. He plays a guy from New Jersey with unrealistic expectations concerning women and his relationships with them. Just his New Jersey accent sent me into fits of laughter

I automatically can't help but think that this is going to be an amazing film. I failed to mention earlier that this is also written by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Having worked with some of the best folks in the business, such as Christopher Nolan, he should have taken away a lot from that.

Tony Danza, stars as Jon Sr. And Scarlett Johansen stars as Jon's love interest. I hope this project opens up more doors for him. I am happy to see him having success as an actor, director, and writer.


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