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Olly Sherman Shezz

After endless nights watching and re-watching the 'Monsters Inc.' waiting eagerly for the new installment of an already perfect first part. It is most definitely fair to say, that for me, the wait was truly worth it.

That's right folks, the 2001 Oscar winning 'Monsters Inc.' has an unmissable prequel, pulling out all the stops to cater to its beloved fans dreams. They're back, telling the story before the story of the scary duo that are impossible to hate. It features the same star-studded cast along with some new fresh faces. It tickles and pulls on every watchers heart strings as they journey through Mikes epic struggle of university.

A rumor that was bouncing around is that Pixar planned the release of this film at a date that would be relatable to the characters. You see 'Monsters Inc' was made in the year of 2001 having an audience of PG roughly ages 6-10+. This means that a full 12 years on when 'Monsters University' was released its audience members from the previous movie would be around the ages of 18-20+. This means they were also about to go through or experience the hard times of University allowing them to make a huge relation to the story. Awesome.

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