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The latest Thor 2 poster features Loki with a sneaky look on his face and a dagger in his hand. He should be more worried about being picked off from all the star cruisers flying in the background or being burned alive since he is standing right in the middle of a fire pit. Posters just have to be be cool (and that, this one is). Scientific and logical sense don't apply if you are an immortal god.

If you are confused about the title change, you should be. This poster is intended for a German audience. Apparently Dark World doesn't translate well in German but Dark Kingdom does.

Googling and Wikipedian the Dark World and Germany resulted in a few possibilities for the change.

A few articles referred to Die Schwarze Welt or Dark World of the Afro-Germans (Afro-Deutsche) of which there are close to a 1/2 million living in Germany today. Like the Jews, Afro-Germans were rounded up and sent to concentration camps during WWII. About 50,000 Afro-Germans were gassed.

Changing the title avoids that connotation but adds an even more disturbing one: Kingdom translates to Reich in German. So pasting Malekith, his minions and the world they come from with the "Reich" word associates them as automatically evil in most Germans' mind. The marketing folks for Thor 2 are hoping that by using the English "Kingdom" they would be avoiding the unsettling layers that rise by calling it Das Schwarze Reich.

James White of Empire magazine also speculated that there might be a clash with some other film or tv series that uses the title. Recalling The Weinstein Company losing legal battle to keep "The Butler" that also makes perfect sense. I was not able to come up with any conflicting German film/TV titles though.

So what do you think? Makes sense or complete hooey?

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