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Jonathan J Moya

Linsanity started as a KickStarter project which raised over 197K from over 2 thousand backers.

The documentary started filming long before Jeremy Lin became an NBA phenomenon and a pop cultural reference.

What began as a film project to document the life of an overlooked NBA walk-on, became an all-access pass to one of the unlikeliest stories ever to be told.

Producers Christopher Chen, Brian Yang, Allen Lu and director Evan Jackson Leong gained exclusive footage with friends, family, teammates, pastors, and Jeremy himself. From home videos of a young Jeremy taking it to the hoop, his personal reflections as he struggled through stints in the NBA D-League, being cut by the Rockets, to joining the Knicks with a coach he had yet to speak to and a playbook he hadn't even seen.

It's an intimate portrayal of a rising hero fighting unbeatable odds.

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