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The first character sheets for the Ridley Scott directed and Cormac McCarthy scripted The Counselor feature Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz with the tag line ‘Sin Is A Choice”.

So Scott and McCarthy are creating an allegory, with each character representing a specific deadly sin. Since there are 7, two more are bound to pop up during the unreeling and start creating trouble for the other five.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but these cast sheets are all poker face and refuse to reveal their bluff or tell. So, that image definer known as the Official Site hopefully will reveal a clue.

Michael Fassbender is the no name Counselor (if it is spelled with an extra “L” you’re looking at the UK posters) who in Official site-ese is “a lawyer who is tempted to enter a murky and dangerous world to make some quick cash. He soon learns that a single decision can have shocking and irreversible consequences. Although he receives many warnings about the dangers of getting involved in this deal, The Counselor’s arrogance won’t let him stop.” Easy sin to define here: Pride.

Javier Bardem’s Reiner “straddles two worlds: the extravagant and decadent realm of his work as a nightclub owner, and a brutal, lawless and merciless criminal underworld that is rapidly closing in o him. ” A little harder sin to define this time: greed.

Brad Pitt is Westray “a philosophizing and shady middleman whose warning to the Counselor about the dangers of a world he seeks to enter, go unheeded. Westray is an unapologetic womanizer, which threatens to lead to his demise.” An easy on the eyes one this time: Lust.

Cameron Diaz is Malkina “Reiner’s opportunistic and dangerous girlfriend. She’s a sociopath whose lack of empathy means she’s capable of anything. Malkina’s power stems from her relentless drive to take control and possess anything she believes she deserves. Whatever the consequences of her actions, she feels no remorse”. Another easy sin to see: wrath.

Finally there is Penelope Cruz’s Laura who ” is the Counselor’s fiancée, but their joyous engagement is marred by the dangerous world of which he has just become a part. Laura is beautiful and naïve; she sees the best in everybody. Her intelligence and foresight– and her love for the Counselor– maybe no match for his descent into the rabbit hole, and they both face tragic consequences if the deal goes South. Hmm, toughy. She’s to skinny to be gluttonous and to devoted and diligent to be slothful. So by elimination she is “envy”.

As for who can be sloth and gluttony, only the movie will reveal.

The Counselor opens October 25th.

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