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If you are one of a lucky few contributors, you will now be using our new post form. First of all, we would love to hear feedback on how you find it and where (if anywhere) you're getting trouble. We hope you'll love it.

Here's some answers to a few key questions:

Why did you change it?

The short answer is it was time to move forward. This new post form is the beginning of some exciting changes at Moviepilot, mainly that anybody will soon be able to post to their profiles. More on that at a later date, but for our first steps, the form needed an update.

How do I save an article?

The form auto saves for you. Every so often, you should see small green text telling you your post has been saved at the top of the post form. Magic.

Preview, posting and drafts... what?

You can preview an article at any time using the Preview button at the top. Hit the big pink button to 'publish' your post to Moviepilot and if you want to return it at a later date, it will auto save to your drafts without you doing anything!

How do I add a YouTube video?

To add a video, hover your mouse over the text area and select the small grey youtube logo on the right. You can also add a picture this way. Simply enter the YouTube url into the popup to embed the video.

Why does it only work on Google Chrome?

We're just beginning to roll out the new form. For now, it's only available for Google Chrome, but we'll roll it out to all browsers over the coming weeks. You can always switch to the old post form if you need to.

I don't like it! What do I do?

Please let us know why! Send us a (friendly) note explaining why it isn't working for you and we'll be sure to take your feedback on board.


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