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Now, in four years one of the biggest comic book movies ever made will definitely be the long-awaited Justice League movie. They have already set up the idea of having Batman and Superman in the line-up, of course. And certainly the Flash, who has his own movie coming out a year before JLA. Now that we have Superman, Batman, and Flash in the line-up, who else should be on the team? Heres the other five Justice Leaguers that SERIOUSLY have to be in the Justice League film.

#1) Wonder Woman.

You had to see this coming. Just like the Justice League, she to has been taking a long time to have a movie developed. But lets face it, she would be so awesome to see on screen! I mean, how cool would it be to see her fight giant monsters, and other mythical creatures on screen? I'm surprised a movie her movie wasn't made two years ago.

#2) Green Lantern (Hal Jordan or John Stewart).

Yeah, yeah, I know the Green Lantern movie was a GIGANTIC disappointment. But despite that, there is still a big Green Lantern fanbase, which means he needs to be in the League. Hal Jordan would be good if they're are going to go for the most popular one. But why don't they go with someone different and have John Stewart instead? That would be a good thing, considering that cultural diversity in a team is an issue for me. Not to mention John Stewart's popularity skyrocketed when he was featured in "Justice League Unlimited".

#3) Aquaman.

He may sometimes be made fun of for being a little too eco-friendly and having campy powers, but Aquaman is FREAKING King of the Sea! He can control water, has a trident, can talk to fish, and breathe underwater. He can be just as useful on dry land or in the water. Did I mention that he can talk to fish?

#4) Martian Manhunter.

This guy can turn invisible, shape-shift, read minds, and go through walls, what more do you want?

#5) I'll let you guys be the judge of this one.

Who would you pick as your fifth member? Let me know in the comments down below.


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