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Rebekah Margaret Brown

Directed by: James Wan

Written By: James Wan & Leigh Whannell

Starring: Patrick Wilson & Rose Byrne

Ladies and Gentleman, the sequel to Insidious.

Two years have passed after the weird ass antics occurred (gas masks, Darth Maul, dream creeping, tip toeing through tulips and all the rest). The Lambert family are desperately trying to find out the mysterious childhood secret which has caused them to be connected to the spirit world.

It doesn't take long for us to realise that the second film is going to focus on daddies past. He did kinda dander about in the ghost world, so really, he was just asking to be haunted.

If you think the first one dragged on and was stupid, this outdoes it. Everytime you think they're going to scare and surprise you, think again. The amount of times I thought something good was going to happen it didn't. The ghost in the sequel isn't even scary... she just yells a lot and appears to have the hangover from hell, I just wanted to go into the film and tell her to calm her shit. Girl just goes round handing out bitch slaps for no reason.

The story doesn't fit, its ridiculous and fails at being remotely interesting. The acting from Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson doesn't disappoint though, they performed to the best of their ability with such a crappy film. The music tried its best to make things a little bit more tense and terrifying but in the end the screeching violins just became irritating.

The main problem I found was that there seemed to be too much going on and not enough focus on one particular thing. It seemed to go in circles with its direction and even the ending wasn't properly wrapped up so don't be surprised if there's a trilogy.

I don't even know what this thing was about...

I will give the film one thing, it was funny and I don't think it was supposed to be. Plus it's not like anyone was demanding a sequel for this poor excuse of a horror film.

Dont worry about nightmares, I have seen better horror content in disney films.

Heck, I'm bored just writing about it.

What did you think of the sequel?

If you haven't already, check out the trailer which will probably convince you that the movie is something other than a pile of dung.

"He's got your baby" - Bitch please.

3/10 - poor effort.


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