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Jonathan J Moya

The latest Ender'sGame recruiting sheets give off a Starfleet feel.

From under the cry of "It's Us or Them," exist the burning embers of an International Fleet star-fighter, its disc shape echoing the Starfleet design shredded of its wings and body. "The Next Invasion Is Imminent" is declared stark, bold and gray-- showing the flotsam of what happens when the world tries to play touchy-feely with those who don't believe in that game. What would be a Trek nightmare is a rallying point for a whole new world that needs a better militaristic design.

What better way to show the paranoia of Orson Scott Card's conservative vision than by destroying the icons of a liberal future.

This International Fleet recruiting poster shows cadets marching in lock step, something that would never be shown in a Starfleet Academy poster. This is definitely a different world, ready to fight first and talk later.

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