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I am a big Teddy Bear collector, with over 100 neatly lined up in a few bookcases in my Study. Five of them are special edition Paddington Bears that come with their own traveling trunk and a complete wardrobe that includes jammies, a kilt, grey corduroy and crushed blue velvet pants, a cute constable's hat, and the standard issue Wellington Boots.

So news that a live-action version of Paddington is coming to the big screen sent chill's of anticipation down my spine.

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The Weinstein Company has the rights to Paddy and has lined up Colin Firth to voice the cutest bear in the world. Nicole Kidman has signed on to be the villain-- an evil taxidermist out to get Paddy. Really, that last part doesn't make sense. How can you stuff a bear that is already stuffed? I am curious to see that how the screenwriters work around that little plot detail.

Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent are set to play the Browns the muggles (sorry, wrong franchise), I mean humans, who find the lost bear from Peru at Paddington Train Station in London sitting atop his suitcase (bearing the label "Wanted On Voyage") with a note attached to his coat which reads "Please look after this bear. Thank you."

Firth will presumably voice Paddington with a standard English accent. English with a Spanish lisp would be more accurate.

Paddington Bear, unlike last year's Ted, is endlessly polite, and well-meaning (although he inflicts stares at those who incur his disapproval). Like Ted, Paddington has an endless capacity to get into trouble that he tries his hardest to undo.

The potential for sequels is endless since there are as of today over 90 official Paddington Bear adventures spread out over 20 books, most of them written by Michael Bond.

Director and screenwriter Paul King (a BBC children's programming veteran) is scheduled to start shooting this month with an expected release date of late 2014 or early 2015, coincidentally near the opening of the Ted sequel. For the first time in cinema history a nice bear and a not so nice bear will battle it out for number one box office.

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