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The premier of the Grace of Monaco trailer establishes Nicole Kidman as a Best Actress frontrunner without having her utter a single word. It is going to be a tight race with the other two front runners Cate Blanchett of Blue Jasmine and Sandra Bullock of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Naomi Watts fell out of the mix when her Diana biopic opened to laughable reviews.

The Weinstein Company produced biopic details the period of time during Grace Kelly’s reign as Princess in which her husband, Prince of Monaco Rainier III (Tim Roth), sparred with French general and statesman Charles De Gaulle (Andrew Penvern) over matters of tax reform and threats of military invasion.

Director Olivier Dahan chanteuse Marion Cotillard to stardom and a best actress win with La Vie en Rose, a biopic about Edith Piaf.

The trailer is determined to show the grace of Princess Grace Kelly's royal life.

The Frank Langella voice over swoons with phrases uttered in a reverential tone. " Long after the House of Grimaldi has fallen, the world will remember your name, your Highness. You are the fairy tale. The serenity for which we all aspire. And peace will come when you embrace the roles you have been destined to play. For no matter where you are in years to come they will continue to whisper your name: the Princess, Grace."

If that doesn't get you either with a lump in your throat or rolling your eyes perhaps all the golden aura shots of Kidman slyly smiling as she kisses her prince, walks down palace corridors, slumbers away like Sleeping Beauty, makes a Cinderella ascent up the stairs to the Royal Ball, and the last incredible shot of Kidman in a stylish black hat, red dress and sunglasses removing her sun mask/glasses that cuts to Kidman in full gown revealing her grace, beauty, charm, her majesty for the first time for all to see.

My favorite moment in the trailer has Alfred Hitchcock following ten steps behind her Royal Grace like an adoring puppy dog.

Grace of Monaco opens November 27th.

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