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First of all for those of you not familiar with the 2013 movie, “Now You See Me”, here is a quick synopsis- Four up and coming Magicians are each given a Tarot Card with a date, time, and address on it. They meet at the location to discover that they either know (or know of) each other’s reputation. They are given a series of tasks to perform for a mysterious Benefactor (no questions asked) in order to become members of a secret order called the eye. If they complete these tasks they will become members of the eye and gain access to knowledge of all magic. The problem is that the tasks include a series of robberies AND the FBI & INTERPOL are on their trail. To make matters worse, they are being tracked by a former Magician who is determined to expose the eye and all magic secrets to the world.

The movie is full of sleight of hand, misdirection, and twists abound. You will love the big reveal at the end. If you haven’t seen it yet, rent it and see why it already is possibly getting a sequel. There were a couple of plot points that were left open for exploration if they were to make afore-mentioned Sequel. So, now that I have piqued your interest, regardless if you have seen the movie or not, here are my choices for cast and a possible plot for Now You See Me 2.

I would like to keep most of the main cast in the Sequel including:

Morgan Freeman (Thaddeus Bradley), Mark Ruffalo (Dylan Rhodes), Melanie Laurent (Alma Dray), Jesse Eisenberg (J. Daniel Atlas), and Michael Caine (Arthur Tressler). Then add Mark Ruffalo’s dad and Melanie Laurent’s mom & dad as well as an aunt to the cast. I don’t have any choices for the actors to play those parts, leave me your choices in the comments section.

Now on to my story plot for Now You See Me 2:

I would start out where the last movie ended with Thaddeus getting bailed out of jail by Arthur. He would tell Arthur who was behind the heists in the first movie and predictably Arthur wouldn’t believe him. However, He would agree to offer his now limited resources to Thaddeus for a percentage of the gross when and if Thaddeus proved his statement to be true, If Thaddeus would tell Arthur what he knows about Alma. Thaddeus agrees and tells Arthur that it was no accident that Alma was chosen for that particular case as she is in fact a member of the Knights Templar working within Interpol to guard certain secrets and collect others that have been lost or stolen over the centuries.

She has been groomed since her teenage years to specifically find and retrieve the secrets of true magic, which was why in the first movie she couldn’t shoot Daniel’s character. She had been placed in a foster home with him as a young woman after her parents had died on vacation in the U.S. until one of her relatives could make arrangements for her to return to France. Daniel’s character was just starting to perfect his magic and she was his assistant for the shows they did in the foster home. They were in fact each other’s first love and when her aunt (who was also a Knight Templar) came to get her, she forbid Alma to have any further contact with Daniel realizing that they might become enemies one day. Arthur is intrigued by this revelation since he has just prior to getting Thaddeus out of Jail had the revelation that HE is in fact Daniel’s Grandfather. A fact not known during the first movie due to Daniel being adopted out of the home and his last name changed. I would then go to a scene of Dylan and Alma somewhere in Europe with her getting closer to him supposedly in order to find out more about the whereabouts of the secrets of magic, though in reality she is truly falling for him and is withholding some of her information to the Knights in order to spend more time with him and keep him safe. You see, His Father didn’t just accidentally drown as was stated in the first movie. He was actually murdered by the Knights Templar after he had told his friend, Thaddeus, where the secrets of magic were hidden. Thaddeus didn’t want his friend killed and tried to stop it, but was too late. However, he did get word to members of the eye so that they were able to move the secrets before the Knights could get to the location and claim them. Thaddeus hadn’t seen Dylan since he was a child and therefore didn’t recognize him until the end of the previous movie when Dylan revealed himself to Thaddeus in the Jail Cell.

All throughout the film you can have Thaddeus and Arthur’s men going through different databases and supposedly piecing together information until at the very end when it is discovered that Arthur has been using this information to figure out where the secrets of magic are since he is in fact the Head of the Knights Templar and has been using both Thaddeus and Alma to get the secrets for the order. However, what he doesn’t realize is that Thaddeus had figured out his identity (based on something Arthur mentioned to Thaddeus that only the leader of the Knights would know) and had told Dylan about Arthur’s plan. Why would he do that? Simply because he had been working with both the Knights Templar AND the eye since the night that Dylan’s father was murdered when he had promised him that he would protect the secrets as if they were his own and try his best to protect Dylan from the Knights (which he did even though Dylan blames him for his father’s death).

There you have it, My Cast and a possible plot for Now You See Me 2. Before the comments start rolling in, let me be clear that even though I mention the character’s names from the first film most of my story can remain intact simply by changing the character’s name. Therefore, no comments like "but what if Dylan doesn’t return?" or "what if it’s the other girl instead of Melanie?". Simple, change the name and continue on with the story. So, what do you think? Follow me on twitter or friend me on Facebook by looking up James D. Seigars and as always leave your comments below.


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