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Skinwalker Ranch in Northeast Utah is considered the black hole for all kinds of paranormal activity. Everything from UFOs, Bigfoot, Alien Crop Circles, Glowing Orbs and Poltergeist activity has been reported occurring at the ranch.

According to Navajo mythology a Skinwalker is a person with the magical ability to turn into any animal of their choosing. The 480 acre ranch borders a Ute Indian Reservation.

Skinwalker Ranch is an ideal subject for a found footage horror film where its cattle mutilations, large animals with glowing eyes and allegedly bulletproof skin, unexplained flying orbs and the abduction of children by aliens of the extraterrestrial kind make for great plot points.

The movie written, directed and starring Devin McGinn starts off with the alien shining (meaning he vanishes in a CGI generated burst of light) of Rancher's Hoyt Miller's son Cody. Soon the feds come in and take over. The research team starts experiencing an escalating series of very weird and shockingly violent things happening that causes them to question whether knowing the truth is worth the ultimate price.

Skinwalker Ranch will be released on Devil's Night, October 30th in 20 cities across the country followed by a DVD release.

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