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Melanie Lim

Not only has she captured the attention of over 176 million viewers on YouTube, Oscar-nominated director David Fincher casts Ratajkowski in his latest feature film: a movie adaptation of Gone Girl. After her controversial (and super sexy) performance in Blurred Lines sky-rocketed her career, Emily Ratajkowski snagged her first major movie role opposite Ben Affleck.

Ratajkowski will be playing the role of Andie, a beautiful college student that Nicke Dunne (Ben Affleck) has an affair with. And if that's not amazing enough, her other cast mates include Ronbsamund Pike (Amy Dunne), Tyler Perry (defense attorney), and potentially, funny man Neil Patrick Harris.

Honestly, who wouldn't be stoked for Gone Girl? With an amazing set of actors cast in a mystery/thriller movie directed by who I believe is the contemporary god of mystery/thriller movies... You'd have to be insane not to be even just a little curious about it. Now all I have to do is read the book before the movie comes out!

As an admitted fan of Emily Ratajkowski (I follow her Facebook page to get updates on her latest editorials), I cannot wait to see how she is as an actress. Hopefully, 20th Century and New Regency won't drop the project or cast a different Andie. I believe she's talented beyond modeling her bombshell bod, and David Fincher is just the man to bring the amazing out of her.


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