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I Know we haven't heard much about this movie in over a year. And probably won't hear much for another. But last we heard Vice President Robert Kopla of World Event Productions had this to say:

It’s currently in development with Relativity Media. Josh Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly are working on the script and they have some cool ideas. It’s going to be a big action adventure flick and we’re really excited about it. We have some talented producers on it.

Voltron, an elite battle force defends the fate of mankind in the spectacular action adventure. Five young warriors are responsible for the future of the galaxy when they become pilots of a battalion of ultra-high-tech Robot Lions, powerful vessels with the ability to join together to form a fearsome mega-weapon known as "Voltron."

Let's hope this keeps going, because I really want to see this. I think "Voltron" would be awesome to see brought to the big screen.


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