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Erling Rangnes

Ten years ago, Graham Stark and Paul Saunders started on a project to see for how long they could keep making weekly sketches. As it turned out, the answer was ten, possibly eleven years. For those who haven't heard of it, Loading Ready Run is a weekly sketch comedy show running online, co-hosted at the Escapist. As the show has grown bigger, the sketches more elaborate, and their budget becoming more strained, they've also produced a number of other projects for the Escapist, Penny Arcade tv, Wizard of the Coast and others that provide income, but also takes up a lot of time. Understandibly, they've decided that it's time to move on to greater projects and use their ten years of filming, writing and acting-experience to become the true entertainment brand Canada deserves. But first they want to wrap up in style.

Kickstarter is home to a lot of talent looking for funding for their projects. Not all of those projects are worth funding though, as I've talked about in my skit against Uwe Bolls proposal for Postal 2. This one on the other hand, features a crew that has a proven record of putting out 52 sketches a year, plus behind the scenes and a fair amount of other monthly and/or weekly shows. What they're asking, is enough money to keep going one last season without taking on any more projects outside of what they're already doing. So far, the project is 85% funded, with 23 days to go. After this, there's anyones guess what they'll do next, but they've had a good run so far, and I can imagine they'll be getting quite a few offers from tv-networks down the line, if they desire to travel that path instead of their current path of internet fame.

I recommend watching a few episodes at their site. It's free, and well worth the time invested.


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