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Jonathan J Moya

The first two posters for Blue Is the Warmest Color have a blue and a gray variant.

The gray variant is cool and simmering, given a vibrant pop of sexuality with the restrained use of blue in the cast names, the title color and Lea Seydoux's hair.

The blue variant is a nod to the source graphic comic by Julie Morah. The blue gives the poster a sense of frenzy passion, of letting go totally, but it is oddly over ripe and a bit too hipster-- more pulp romance than art house cool.

Odd how the same photo with different backgrounds can display opposite emotional responses.

I prefer the original French poster and a nice fan made brush effect variant that exposes Lea Seydoux back to an expected massage or kiss. It is wonderfully full of erotic suggestion.

The wordless US trailer is full of glances, stolen kisses and embraces, and a marvelously chanteuse version of Take Care by Beach House.

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