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Although we know very little about the upcoming 'Fantastic Four' Reboot. We do know a few things. First, we know that 'Chronicle' director Josh Trank, will be at the helm. We also know that he has been joined by 'X-Men: First Class' director Matthew Vaughn. The script has had some re-writes, but Marvel Studios has eluded to the possible return of Doctor Doom and Galactus. Or we may see the alien race known as the Kree.

I read awhile back that they wanted to make this movie as grounded as possible, almost in the same style as 'Chronicle.' Hence why they hired Josh Trank. With that being said, I believe if you bring Galactus back, and make him the terrifying force that he should be and throw in a few lesser villains like the "Kree." That to me could make for a interesting/refreshing reboot. What do you think?

'Fantastic Four' Reboot will begin fliming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And is set to be released March 6, 2015

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