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Most of you who have bought the Iron Man 3 DVD or scoured YouTube will have watched the special feature included entitled 'Agent Carter', a one-shot adventure set after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger (and if you haven't, go and bloody watch it!). In her mission, she encounters the Zodiac. No, not physically. It's more like a tiny vial with the symbol of the Zodiac holding a strange blue-coloured chemical. If you are not aware of who the Zodiac are, here is some background comic information for you which you better take a glance at before you read on;

The original Zodiac, funnily enough, debuted in the Avengers run. They were leaded by Cornelius van Lunt (Taurus), their identity based on astrology, with each member adopting the persona of a sign of the zodiac, being twelve in all. The group members share leadership of the organization, with the position rotating just as the astrological zodiac changes. When not united as a group, the members of Zodiac are all based in different cities throughout the United States. Dedicated to economic and political domination of the world, the group uses any means to accomplish this, including subversion; extortion and mass murder.

The fact that the team and/or the background information on the zodiac vial found by Carter in the short film were not seen or explored in this suggests that there is more to be learnt some time in the future, otherwise what would be the point in leaving it on a question mark like that? If you think about it, all the One-Shots have given us clues about the future of Marvel, and it appears to be that all these clues are relatively important. The Abomination being under custody of SHIELD, the nods to Roxxon and now the Zodiac, this is all starting to come together nicely. If the Avengers' next foe used the Abomination, it would be a perfect counter to Nick Fury's whole "yeah but we got the Hulk" attitude. Besides, Tim Roth has actually been contracted for several Marvel films in case he is needed so someone somewhere must be considering his character, no?

Of course, this is all speculation. But that doesn't change what we've seen here, and frankly the nature of the Zodiac would make their appearance perfectly timed given that the first Avengers movie had a little subplot showing the borderline corruption and trickster work performed by those within SHIELD, particularly Nick Fury's habit of covering things up even from the biggest names in the world. What do you think, people? Is it just a random storyline with no future, or do you expect to see the Zodiac at large within the next few years? Leave your thoughts as you please, but might I leave you with this last little note;

Thanos also had his own Zodiac once.


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