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Mimi Schweid

After two episodes of Sleepy Hollow I can full heartedly say that I do not ship Abbie Mills & Ichabod Crane together romantically. I am in love with the friendship the two of them have slowly growing and see them more as a brother/sister relationship.

That does not mean I don't enjoy all of their cute moments because frankly they are adorable, but to me they are just friends. I mean come on ladies and gentlemen, he's still in love with his wife and seems to really care for Abbie to just not in the romantic way of well, romance. I am insanely excited to see how the rest of the season goes.

On a non ship related portion I think the graphics for this show are truly superb. The witch Abaddon was fantastic! I also will not be able to sleep thanks to what they did to Andy (John Cho) this week. To those that watched, you know exactly what I mean. Oh, I would also take Ichabod's History class in a heartbeat. <3

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