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I find myself to be inspired by films that have a great story, and amazing characters.
Heather Murphy

As some of you may know, I am a villain girl. I love my villains. I watched the pilot episode of The Blacklist last night. I love the plot, and the concept, but I am not entirely sold on James Spader as the "big bad" (thank you Joss)

To me, a villain requires a certain amount of charisma. I want the villain's charisma to hook me, drag me into his deranged mind. I want to be wary of the villain. James Spader's Raymond Reddington does not have that quality.

However, I could see what was going on. Criminal mastermind gets captured, will only speak to the one woman. One woman confronts criminal mastermind, chaos ensues. It's important to establish the "relationship" between the criminal mastermind and the one woman. I guess I'm missing the chemistry that causes the sparks to fly in between the one woman and the criminal mastermind.

The writing for this show is excellent. but, you can have the best writing and have a so-so performer delivering the written text. Some of the back and forth between Red and Elizabeth was great, but the chemistry is missing between them like I mentioned.

I want this show to be good. I mean, there were 12 million viewers watching. That counts for something right? I hope the chemistry I'm missing is found somewhere. The Blacklist has the makings of a good show!


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