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For those Cumber-bitches who think that Benedict Cumberbatch can be all things and everywhere the latest posters for The Fifth Estate aims to prove that he can be all that and more.

It is easy to see the threat to Julian Assange's wiki-appeal that the good-looking and cool Cumberbatch poses to Assange. Assange himself leaked the full script for The Fifth Estate on wiki-leaks along with a point by point commentary that exposes all the scripts supposed lies, half-truths and flights of imagination.

The end result, is that Assange is not a connoisseur of irony when it comes to his life and work. And that he rather be uncool and not good-looking less it interfere with the objective exposure of government/industrial secrets that the world needs to see in the murky light of wavering moral truth.

Cumberbatch, being the good diplomat he always is, reached out the hand of d├ętente, peace and agree to disagree understanding to Assange, but Cumberbatch never received an official reply back.

Expect the relationship to remain frigid for a while. Their agents are busy manning the internet, phones and public to see who leaks first.

The other posters for The Fifth Estate features Daniel Bruhl in no rush to reveal himself. Bruhl plays co-founder and dedicated voice of reason Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

The posters are very good at pointing out that the thin line between hero and traitor depends on which side of the border you reside in.

It's no secret that The Fifth Estate opens everywhere October 18th.

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