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There are no official Las Vegas odds on who is going to win in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The bookies don't have lines for fictional sure things.

Still it's a good bet that the marketing folks over at Lionsgate know exactly what they are doing.

The viral marketing for Catching Fire has included Tok11 which has 75 selected websites dispensing tickets to the Catching Fire premier November 18th in Los Angeles.

The film's Official Site, The Hunger Games Explorer encourages fans to earn points and virtual badges by adding to their social media posts to earn exclusive prizes and experiences or "spark" points by liking favorite posts.

The biggest points earner, and the sites #1 Fan, Torii Dripple a systems analyst who lives in Brisbane Australia, has of this moment 1,370,391 points and 12 badges, giving her the right to premier the Catching Fire billboard sheet, seen above, on her tumblr page.

The good thing about the billboard is that its at least getting away from some of the odd Teutonic, almost Third Reich style propaganda retro sheets that promote the movie from the pov of The Capitol-ists . Instead, it spritzes Katniss in the fiery aura of Diana the Goddess of the Hunt of Greek Mythology.

The quote from Cinna (Lenny Kravitz), Katniss' official Capitol stylist in the movie "Remember girl on fire, I'm still betting on you," adds a note of poignancy. The flowing locks Katniss sports that have an almost naturalistic, gnarly tree root edge are no doubt his inspiration.

Once The Hunger Games:Catching Fire opens November 22nd, all bets are off.

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