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Christina Tenisha Small

You've met Rose Hathaway now meet the object of her affections Dimitri Belikov! Full time Guardian and all round Russian god!

The tall, dreamy, brown-eyed Dhamphir, is a certified Guardian and has the marks to prove it. He definetly packs a punch and in addition to giving 'Zen Life Lessons', spends his time listening to 80's music and relaxing with an Old Western Novel. He's quick to take down any and every threat, and can do so without so much as a thought. At twenty-four years of age, Dimitri Belikov is every bit the Russian God people say he is, but how will he fare when unruly, head-strong, Rose Hathaway suddenly finds herself in need of a mentor? Could he be the one to curb her reckless ways and turn her into Guardian material?

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Vampire Academy hits theatres February 2014!


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