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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Hold up! What you mean you talk to ants and you beat your wife?! Hey there readers how are you doing? Well it's late at night and I'm on the phone with my friend, pfft you know talking about superheroes (no life night). What caught our attention is why are we having a Ant-Man movie before a Black Panther, Dr.Strange, Ms.Marvel and for DC Comics- a freaking Aquaman movie!?

Now don't get me wrong readers! I don't mind if Ant-Man was just in The Avengers 2, but seriously Marvel it's Ant-Man. Maybe I need to read some comics on him but all he does is change from big to really small and communicate with ants. I really do think Marvel is ducking good superheroes especially the Black Panther, oh trust me I'm not going to make this into a race topic article because I know nerds will jump on me for that. In all honesty think about it, Blade wasn't even under the Marvel banner when they released his movies.

At the end of the day lets see better superheroes in movies, come on Marvel don't screw this up! Also I know people say "Ant-Man has Ultron bro no worries!" Yes I worry because Ultron is more of an Avengers villain. So may I ask who are some good villains for him? DC you better make my boy Aquaman the badass he is on the big screen! With that said readers are you honestly cool with watching an Ant-Man movie or rather watch Black Panther along with better superheroes?


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