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VAddicts, don't freak out. Just, try not to freak out, stay calm and remember to breathe because what I have for you, may just make you lose your mind. I have an AMAZING new still from the highly anticipated movie!

Since the release of the books, fans have been dying to see what Rose and Dimitri's training sessions would look like in real life. With the release of the movie next year, that dream has come true.

We all know that screenwriter for the film, Dan Waters, has said before in previous interviews that there have been some minor changes (as expected), one of those being the acceleration of Rose's training, leading her to actually begin stake training with the Russian God in the first film. And so, in accordance with that, I have the latest Romitri (fan name for Rose and Dimitri) still right here for you!

Looks like Rose is working hard in this new still, but what of the Moroi at the infamous Vampire boarding school? What are they doing whilst all the Dhamphirs are busy Guardian training?

Why, they're relaxing on a red velvet couch, wearing blacked out sunglasses of course! Check out this previously released still of none other than bad boy Jesse Zeklos, played by British actor, Ashley Charles!

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Vampire Academy hits theatres February 2014!


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