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Lewis Duval

Welcome back everyone. I’m Lewis Duval, and this is your “Critic Review”.

Here is my quick review on the film Baggage Claim. Set to be released on Friday September 27th.

Baggage Claim is a story of a woman looking to find love and Mr. Right. Directed by David E. Talbert (who is also responsible for such films as First Sunday) this 96 minute film stars actress Paula Patton, a flight attendant who is trying to find love in 30 days to accompany her to her litter sister's wedding. She is absolutely gorgeous and gives a great performance in this film. Paula is accompany by Jill Scott who plays her sassy and funny BFF co-worker, who helps her on her month long quest. The film features comedian greats Rickey Smiley and Nephew Tommy, along with the legendary Jenifer Lewis and actor extraordinaire Derek Luke.

It's a great ensemble cast that gives this film a very warm feeling on love and relationships. This is not Soul Plane, where you are left thinking to yourself, will I ever get that time back? It's quite the entertaining film that has extremely comedic moments along with warm fuzzy feelings. They say sometimes love is right under our noses, we just have to clean out the nose goblins to realize it.

So I give the warm and fuzzy comedic film a well deserved 3.5 reels out of 5. I think Paula is ready for an action flick now! I'm Lewis Duval and this has been your Critic Review. Join me next time here on Moviepilot for more review, until then...I'll see you at the movies.


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