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With all these reboots and sequels coming I kind of miss the excitement of new superheroes getting their own solo films, like I was hyped as hell to see Captain America for the first time in a big budget film with Captain America: The First Avenger. Even though I am excited to see where these sequels and reboots are going I just think they should try new heroes out and see if they hit or miss. There have been reveals of the Kitty Pryde movie which is awesome sounding because Shadowcat is an cool hero. But I have a list of heroes that need their own movies:

5. Nightcrawler

I had no problem with X-Men: The Last Stand except for one thing....WHERE THE HELL WAS NIGHTCRAWLER?!? Okay I know Alan Cumming didn't want to go through the makeup process again but what about in the movie? There wasn't even a reference to him! He was the best thing about X-2. Well still, I hope he gets a solo film showing his backstory as Mystique's son that she gave up then he was raised by the Munich Circus. For me, I'd like either Joseph Gordon Levitt or Alan Tudyk to play as him.

4. Hawkeye

Speaking of guys raised by Circuses, Hawkeye! Yeah remember the awesome character who was a villain for 3/4 of the Avengers? Yeah imagine a whole movie about him as an orphaned raised by the Swordsman in a circus then growing up to become a selfish jerk then into a hero. Trust me it would be awesome. Get Jeremy Renner to come back and give us Hawkeye!

3. The Flash

GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!! Yes I know of the movie from the 90s called JLA and it was TERRIBLE!!! It was the first live action Flash so redo it with an origin story starring Bradley Cooper or Chris Pine. The story of a scientist who is soaked in chemicals then fried by electricity to give him super sonic speed...okay the science is idiotic but proper writing could fix that.

2. Loki

Do I really need to explain why? Its a villain turning hero or anti-hero movie. Tom Hiddleston is great as the role and I'd like to either have him in his own solo flick or have him join the Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3. GO LOKI!!!

1. Wonder Woman

PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN SOON!!! I love Wonder Woman as my favorite heroine and seeing her done right would make me happy. There is a rumor she will be introduced in Superman VS Batman which I hope is true. Some people tell me she's useless. BZZZZZT Wrong! She's the morality compass of the Justice League, she's a great warrior but she prefers to handle things through politics and only fight as a last resort. She's also a mother figure for the team, she makes sure that everyone is leading the right path. This can allow for a great character in Snyder's universe. Give me Gina Carano and I'll be happy!

What did you guys think of my list? What are heroes you'd like to see in their own movies?


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