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It's time to give Superman his greatest villain ever on the big screen, ladies and gentlemen I give you Mads Mikkelsen as our Lex Luthor. Now Mads will not be our official Lex Luthor, but he fits perfectly as the villain! In this article my fellow readers I shall give you my 6 reasons why he's Lex Luthor.

1.Great Actor:

Mads is a great method actor especially when it comes to villainous roles. One of my favorite movies he acts in, is Casino Royale playing as villain Le Chiffre. The Danish actor has shown shown many promises of his acting chops with a perfect example of the movie The Hunt. Mads plays a man wrongly accused for a sexual act that he did not commit, it's a very powerful dramatic driven movie that he performs quite well! Even playing as Hannibal Lecter on the NBC show Hannibal. I can defiantly see Mads playing a darker more gritty and intelligent Lex Luthor.

2. Not Old:

I have no idea what old is too many people but to me the man isn't old. He's 47 years old and ages very well, if you don't believe me readers just look up pictures of him when he was younger the man barely ages at all, it's pretty strange! On the bright side at 47 years old it gives the audience a Lex Luthor who has been around politics and simply put a very twisted business man at the core who wants to achieve greatness for himself. Henry Cavill being 30 years old with Mads being the eldest still not being too old compared to actor Bryan Cranston who's 57 years old!

3. Height:

Height plays an important role to me in this movie, who wants to see a short Lex Luthor?! Mads stands at 6ft while actor Henry Cavill stands at 6ft 1inches giving Mads a good look on the big screen. The way I see it is that Mads is playing a Lex Luthor who's physically and mentally superior to Superman because Lex doesn't care if he's an alien, he has such a large ego with a even amount of determination that he will oppose his will power on-to Superman.


A man who becomes President of Metropolis needs to be very smooth,classy,intelligent,and cunning -this actor has it all and more. The movie needs to show this side of Lex who's a man of the people still at the end of the day he's very selfish, Mads can easily pull off the personality along with the suit and tie..looking sharp!

5. Accent:

This is the first time I've ever considered an actor's accent beneficial to his role. Mads has this very sophisticated accent that fits so very well with the character lol who cares he's Danish just imagine this accent in the movie,watch video below.



This version of Lex Luthor is very cut-throat and evil when he needs to be! The goal for this is to have a Lex that people almost start to like, thinking "maybe he's right that Superman is dangerous to the human race", then in a blink of an eye he deceives the audience and you see his darker side. I find that Mads can capture the darkness of Lex Luthor perfectly on the big screen .

By the way this Lex Luthor can still have his hair then towards the end he shaves it all off, there could be a scene he just snaps because everything he does for Metropolis never gets noticed and people still love Superman. He has his crazy moment in the bathroom, he breaks his mirror, starts yelling and for no reason picks up his razor and just brutally shaves his head cackling insanely. After that he stares at his reflection and smirks then the credits go down, now you have the bald Lex Luthor.


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