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Zachary Brown

Agents of Shield opened with a bang last Tuesday. I was first in line to watch and fawn over Joss Whedon’s newest creation, a weekly edition of my beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was a little disappointed, however, when nothing from outside the movies was drawn in. I was hoping to see things from the comics that otherwise wouldn’t find their way into the Cinematic Universe. So here is my top 5 things I would like to see from the Marvel: Agents of Shield.


The end of Iron Man 3 left AIM somewhat ambiguous. Did it die with Aldrich Killion or does it live on? I don’t know when Agents of Shield takes place by comparison to Iron Man 3, but if the TV show is after, this is a perfect opportunity to develop a rival organization to SHIELD. In the comics, Advanced Idea Mechanics was a true rival to Shield. I think Agents of Shield has a unique opportunity to expand on the AIM that was introduced in Iron Man 3.

Heroes For Hire

I could not have been the only one to assume that “Mike Peterson” was Luke Cage. As it grows increasingly likely that he is not someone from canon, I will still say that this TV show is the perfect opportunity to introduce the Heroes for Hire, specifically Luke Cage and Iron Fist. They are characters that have a good fan base, but are unlikely, in my opinion, to ever get in their own movies.

Superhero Registration

This idea, which ultimately led to the Marvel Civil War, has already been hinted at in the TV Show. SHIELD has been looking for superheroes in order to “help them”. Ultimately, however, I believe that we are looking at a mandatory registration act in the long run. It’s too big of an idea in the comics to ignore forever in the movies and Whedon already seems to be laying the groundwork for it in the TV show.

The Punisher

Alright, I admit, this is coming out of left field. There is no reason to assume that this could happen, but I will say that it is possible and I think it would be very cool. The rights to the Punisher have returned to Disney. After two Punisher movies that are underappreciated (which I think is a shame, personally. They weren’t terrible movies), I don’t think Disney will risk another go at them in cinema for a while. But in this TV show? He is easily recognizable and a fan favorite. It’s an awesome opportunity and it would be easy to handle it correctly in a show like this.

The Little Guys

Marvel has literally thousands of characters at their disposal, all with pre-established back stories and fan favorites. It would be a shame if the show only created new characters when a great canon already exists. If I were Whedon (after I was done buying myself a rather large boat), I would utilize this canon and bring in Characters like:

· Moon Knight

· Mockingbird

· Doc Samson

· Constrictor

· Cloak and Dagger

· Box

· Blizzard

· Quasar

· Adam Warlock

Each of these is somewhat doable on the small screen and most won’t be featured on a big screen any time soon.

It would be a shame if Agents of Shield continuously invented new characters without drawing from the canon already in place. The characters that exist have backstories and fan bases that Marvel would be wise to draw from.


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