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(Spoilers Ahead)

When I think of horror movie serial killers, four names come to mind Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and of course Charles Lee Ray, better known as Chucky. The evil doll once again voiced by Brad Dourif.

In the original film Charles is shot and mortally wounded, while hiding in a toy store. Before dying, he finds a "Good Guy" doll, and uses voodoo to transfer his soul into one of them. Not only does this give him the ability to seek revenge, but also to avoid going to Hell. Not a bad plan. He then spends the next few films trying to find a kid to transfer his soul into.

Chucky was as scary as they come. He could kill you with just about anything and pop out of just about any place…. You know… because he’s small. As time passed the films started to become less scary and more ridiculous, and not in an awesome Evil Dead kind of way. Unfortunately, they started to feel more like spoofs the sequels. The last one was so horrible I didn't think redemption was possible. But Curse of Chucky has done it!

Curse of Chucky comes out on DVD on October 8th 2013. The new film brings back everything you loved about the franchise. And still manages to be a true sequel, not a remake. Chucky is a brutal, sadistic, serial killing doll, just like we remember him. But more than that, he’s just plan creepy again.

You don’t even hear Chucky truly speak until 45 minutes into the film. So we get a lot of shots of the doll. I know what you’re thinking. Wow; that sounds boring but you're wrong. Some of the best scenes are when Chucky looks like just like a normal doll. He’s creepy, then his pupils dilate and suddenly he’s scary.

All The killings in the film are awesome. They keep the same level of imagination that we have come to expect. And aren't just excuses to show nothing but blood and guts. My favorite death was done with a bucket of water.

Writer Don Mancini did an amazing job tying this new chapter into the series. He is of course the writer of all the Chucky films. So you would think that would have been a given. But the last two films, Bride of Chucky & Seed of Chucky, didn’t really seem to go with the first three that well. This new film bridges the gap.

There’s a flashback that takes place just minutes before Charles Lee Ray possesses the Good Guy Doll in the original 1988 Child’s Play. And to my delight Chucky talks about Andy Barclay, the first kid he was after. The film only brings up the events of the last two briefly. Once in his James Bond villain speech, and again in one of the last scenes where Jennifer Tilly shows up as herself revealing that she was behind Chucky’s return. The film ends with a good old fashioned game of hide the soul.

I highly recommend this film to Chucky lovers of all ages. And to those of you who have lost faith in the Child's Play franchise. I would ask you to go on one more trip with your pint sized sociopath. You may just find yourself enjoying that sense of nostalgia you've been missing.



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