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People may be excited for 2015 because of The Avengers: Age of Ultron or the new Superman/Batman film, but all my excitement goes to one movie; Jurassic World. Never before have I been more excited for a movie. The original Jurassic Park is one of my favorite films of all time, and I personally cannot wait until I see this movie on the big screen. However, it’s quite unfortunate that we don’t have any insight into the plot.

We have a quite a few clues though. We have a new title, a fancy new blue logo, a picture of an area seen in the original film with the caption “Isla Nublar”, confirmation that there would be no feathers, and a few rumors going around about a new park and dinosaur taming. So what does the new title mean? “Jurassic World” implies that it’s going to be bigger than anything we’ve gotten in the series.

It could hint at two possible basic plots. The first is what we fans have called “The Mainland Plot”, which involves dinosaurs somehow getting off Isla Sorna and survive in Costa Rica and throughout the world. Dinosaurs mysteriously popping up around different areas of Earth would make an interesting story, and would explain the “World” in the title. The second possible plot is what we fans have called “The New Park Plot”, which is rather self-explanatory. The idea would be that they create an entire new Jurassic Park, this time it becomes fully functioning. Basically the first film but on a much bigger scale. The “World” in the title would be explained because “World” is common in the names of theme parks (for example, Sea World and Disney World).

The former plot sounds a lot more likely because it goes along with rumors that popped up a few months ago. The rumor was that it’d focus around a new park, but also have “Dinosaur taming” and that the tamed dinosaurs would fight the main “villain” dinosaurs. However, there was a massive rewrite by Colin Trevorrow’s friend Derek Connolly (the previous screenwriters being Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver) of the script that took place after that rumor erupted, so we have no idea what elements from that original script were changed (If, I remind you, the rumors were true.)

For a long time I did not like the sound of a new park for the film. That was because of one main reason; originality. I don’t think anyone could argue that a new park would be a clever or original way to go. Within the Jurassic Park universe, they tried making a park twice, both times failing tremendously. You’d think they’d learn their lesson, right? It’s repetitive. It would be a lot like the original film but with more dinosaurs and CGI. I believed that there were more original ideas for the film and didn’t want them to waste it with something that had already been done before.

But then I imagined how awesome it would be to see a fully functioning Jurassic Park. It would be as popular as Disney World, millions going to see the dinosaurs. People going on tours, looking at the T-Rex and the tall Brachiosaurs. Even the thought of roller coasters or gift shops in the park excites me. Not only that, but with a new park and more people genetically engineering dinosaurs, we could have all new species introduced. This opens a lot of possibilities.

So what do you think? Do would to see a new park in Jurassic World? What would you want to see?


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