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What was it that made everyone love Loki from Thor and the Avengers? Well for me it was two things:

1. Sympathy:

In Hollywood most villains are just evil for the sake of evil but Loki was different, I felt sorry for him and a few times I rooted for him, hear me out here. We have a man who has lived under the shadow of his brother who his father loves and treats better, his father admits that he does not love him and also admits that he is an adopted frost giant...come on you have to understand why he's doing what he's doing. Its similar to Benedict Cumberbatch's character from Star Trek into Darkness or General Zod from Man of Steel, these villains have legitimate motivations for being evil so you can understand why they are doing it unlike weak villains like Guy Pearce's character in Iron Man 3 (I hated the movie but if you liked it that's fine) I thought his reasons for being evil made no sense and were even laughable at times. Still I think the best villain out of these three would have to be Loki but only just a little above Zod and Cumberbatch.

2. Tom Hiddleston:

Yes the writing of the character is great but you need an actor who can pull it off and Hiddleston did just the job; he was funny, evil, threatening, and likable.

So you are probably wondering what this article is about, well in one of my articles I did a list of heroes that deserve their own movies; on the list I put Loki and now I'm going to do a pitch sort of explaining why I put him on the list.

Movie Pitch: Loki Spinoff

Title - Loki: God of Mischief

Director and Writer - Peter Jackson

Loki - Tom Hiddleston (Duh)

Laufey - Ralph Fiennes

The Story should take place five years after the events of Avengers Age of Ultron. The Avengers are wounded and disbanded and there is yet another invasion coming: the Frost Giants- but there is only one person SHIELD can call for help who isn't wounded: Loki. Nick Fury convinces Thor to release Loki from his prison (if he's still alive after Thor The Dark World) and send him to Earth, at first Loki refuses then escapes with the scepter thinking that the Frost Giants ruling Earth would be a good idea. So he goes throughout the movie causing havoc on the Earth which is almost repaired while fighting off SHIELD operatives until the a scout group of Frost Giants come to Earth under orders of Laufey. Loki tries to get on their good side but Laufey orders Loki to be executed.

During the battle with the Frost Giant scouts Loki is wounded before the scouts retreat back to Jotunheim. The wounded Loki is saved by a family of poor people living in a tiny apartment in New York, Loki at first is stuck up to them showing no gratitude, the family tells him that they have no hatred for what he did to their city which makes Loki just snip at them but really he took that to heart. He tries to leave but they make him stay while he's recovering. The 10 year old daughter tries to befriend him and she even wears a tin foil replica of his helmet but he just pushes her away making her cry which Loki takes to heart, a few days go by then Loki begins to feel sympathy for the family and on one day he begins to befriend the girl and even care for her and the family, he even gives the girl a better replica of his helmet just before he's about to leave.

Just as he leaves, a team of Frost Giants attack the building where the family is staying to try to kill him and end up wounding the girl which makes Loki enraged and he ends up destroying the squadron then taking the family to a hospital. Loki then changes his mind, gaining a hatred for his real father. Loki leaves the hospital then sees a portal open in a now frozen New York City bay thus allowing the army of Frost Giants including Laufey arrive, Loki which his scepter charges into battle. After a long battle, Laufey and Loki meet up then the father asks his son to join him but Loki tells him, "You hurt my friend...." His scepter glows, "...and you are not my father." Loki battles his father then spares his life, "Never return." Laufey tries one last time to kill his son but Loki quickly impales his father's heart thus killing him. Loki pays a visit to the girl in the hospital telling him he has to go but he will come back, he promises he will. The movie then ends with Loki at SHIELD's headquarters saying, "Consider me an Avenger." Loki turns away then Fury asks him, "And where are you off to?" Loki gives a grin, "I think I'm going to cause some mischief." Loki transports away then it cuts to credits.

What did you guys think?


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