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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Miles Morales hands down is the best Spider-Man story that I have ever read! I mean Ultimate Peter Parker was edgy and cool with depth thanks to Brian Michael Bendis, but with this my fellow readers he knocked it out of the park! Bendis gives the world of Marvel Comics a new Spider-Man for the Ultimate Universe. Miles Morales is a fresh new young 14 year old kid who gets bitten by a spider (similar to the spider that bit Peter Parker), though this spider gives Miles some extra powers. The first issue of Miles came out in September 14, 2011 and it's already out with it's 27th issue so I guess it's safe to say he's sticking around for a while! Well readers in this article I'll be naming my pros and cons for why this Spider-Man is so great and possibly why we should see him in his very own movie?!


Brian M. Bendis: Is the man of story telling! If there's a reward for winning good storytelling in comics then my man Brian deserves it right now *cricket sounds* hmm ok maybe not?! Whatever I think he certainly does, Brian knows Spider-Man, seriously reading issues 1 & 2 had me wide awake! My theory on why Brian does so well at his job is that he brings realism to comics to the point where you can relate to these characters who are more modern to the people of today. Though he keeps the superhero feel to the comics which I highly appreciate, to me if more writers took the time to put depth into their stories and characters instead of just a two page origin story of just "yay I can fly!" He really takes the time for readers to be attached to the characters, so Bendis I congratulate you on best comic writer of 2013.

Character Development: What more could you want in a character-just wow, this comic delivers so much with many memorable characters. My best advice is that if you truly appreciate a well in depth story then you'll be fine with these comics because it takes a while to understand Miles' full-on personality which I was very tolerant about. Miles is very mature at times for his age, showing in issue #1 his selfless ways when realizing the other children won't be attending the academy. With this it shows him feeling quite upset towards the whole ordeal, through time you see him evolve being a very witty, clumsy, funny, caring, mature, brave and intelligent human being.

*laughs* Miles best friend Ganke Lee, simply put he's that annoying fat best friend who's like your bro but you still love the guy because he will always support you no matter what. And did I mention he gives Miles a Spider-Man DVD to practice on his fighting skills? The chemistry between these two characters is downright hilarious and completely dorky as hell still with great depth while Ganke always stays loud and obnoxious, trying to motivate Miles to be the greatest hero ever. And one last thing is Ganke actually gives Miles an $80.00 Spider-Man costume that is already worn out by Ganke himself.

(Miles trying to use one of his many powers 'invisibility' in front of Ganke in issue #2)

Oh lord there are so many characters to cover but I'll mention three more very briefly. Rio Morales, Miles mother is such a great character, I feel that she's such a realistic caring mother always showing a passion for her son to succeed in life just wanting the best for him in general and even though she's very relaxed in many scenes you can tell in issue #1 she's very strong as a leader of the family (there's also a crazy twist involving his mother.) Jefferson Davis is Miles father who is another great character as well, you will start to like him more in later issues. Jefferson is the type of dad who's very stern at first, he can be quite impatient although when things speed up in his favor he's a happy man (similar to my dad lol.) But you have to like the guy because he just wants the best for Miles, always trying to protect him from his uncle Aaron and mutants. Aaron Davis, Miles uncle is a funny, sneaky, backstabbing, badass and an intelligent character that readers will have fun with (he's a villain too.)

Artwork: This woman miss Sara Pichelli has the magic touch for art! I LOVE her work so much that at times it's very indescribable. With her drawings she knows perfectly how too show just the right amount of emotion into a characters face, I mean there are scenes where a character doesn't speak at all but you know how their feeling. I honestly could keep praising this woman's talent forever but I can't sadly still I want to thank Sara for the best artwork I've ever seen in comics and she made history for herself being the top illustrator in these issues that's a female, ooooh yeah!

(Miles winning the lottery for school and if you look closely as his eyes you can see the tears also shows the pain of how he feels that the other kids didn't win. Seeing the children's expressions and both his parents Rio and Jefferson are proud of their son for winning in issue #1. Overall great work from Sara Pichelli.)

Dialogue: The dialogue had me tuned in immediately, the conversations were never dull and dry I felt that they were organic, pretty much very real making me think "that's what I would say!" Even the texting between characters, yup that's right! Comic-book characters text each other and it makes situations feel believable. There were quite a few times I caught myself laughing out loud while reading the dialogue, for an example when Miles finally dawns his very own Spider-Man costume he starts having dialogue boxes for his thoughts when he talks out loud to himself like Peter.

It's hilarious to me because Miles even mentions something along the lines of "Since when did I start talking to myself?!" I just felt that was a cool tribute to Ultimate Peter Parker. One last thing is that I really enjoyed in issue #7 when Miles is fighting Ultimate Omega Red, while he's fighting him he tries to think of witty clever jokes but fails at them and Omega tells him too "shut up", Miles replies "You shut up!" then Miles thinks to himself saying in his head "You shut up?!"-"Man, that was terrible." Lol it's funny to see a character acknowledge his failure plus he did a comical 80's freeze pose at the end of the fight.....WINNING!

New Powers & Villains: "Dude, thanks for letting me borrow your pen...ehhh Miles? Hello?" That's right readers Miles Morales can turn invisible well technically he's invisible to the naked eye but it's actually camouflage and yes he has the same powers as Peter but of course even more, d*mn you Miles I wish I could have your powers! Oh wow, so now you can venom strike people?! Which is pretty much a venom falcon punch! If used hard enough it could kill a person, hmmm sounds painful! Usually the venom strike that Miles uses is too just paralyze and knock out his enemy no matter how large they are. Miles has been able to take them all out! Well minus Ultimate Venom who is my favorite Venom...he looks brutal, pictures below:

Now look at the sheer size difference between Miles and Venom! I really appreciate that both Ben and Sara recognized Venom is an alien-monster villain, instead of making him look like a body builder with fangs and wearing a melting black Spider-Man costume. When the fight scenes come up in Ultimate Comics just know they're full on badass! Great villains who look awesome even Miles is a complete badass when he fights. Below will be pics of some villains/fight scenes.

(Miles using venom strike on Ultimate Electro)

(Ultimate Comics Taskmaster)

(Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vs. Ultimate Scorpion cover issue#8)

Con: I actually have one con and it's that the Ultimate Universe is dying by late November noooo! It's good that Bendis is moving Miles too 616-Earth with dear ole Peter Parker, the issue is that Marvel is taking such a fantastic well depth character into a universe where characters stories suck and each issue makes zero amounts of sense. Rumors are Bendis actually has 200 Ultimate Comics issues for Miles so who knows!

Fun Fact: Miles Morales was not a PC stunt (political correctness) nor was he based on Donald Glover. Miles is a cross between of both Isaiah Bradley (The Black Captain America) and Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099). Isaiah being African-American and Miguel being a Latino then later on adding some Irish in him for whatever reasons. These are legit facts go dig it up on the internet and Bendis stated along the lines "he felt that Isaiah was short lived and Miguel wasn't getting enough attention in comics" so he wanted to start out with a fresh new superhero....SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES.


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