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I have often wondered who would be the best actors for certain movie screen characters playing these characters we all know on the cartoon screen. This article would be my choice as a casting director of who I think would best suit playing some of the main characters in this movie.

First we have to cast the main hero He-Man! Who would be the best choice to play Prince Adam and He-Man! These are the three choices I’d like to see and who I think could pull it off. I will list the three choices in who I would rather see play him first before the other.

#1 Chris Hemsworth: (From Thor & Red Dawn)

#2 Kellan Lutz: (From Twilight)

#3 Paul Walker: (Fast & The Furious series)

Now Chris Hemsworth would definitely suit the role better I think, he has that English accent that would be perfect to portray Adam, and then he could switch it up into He-Man’s character. Kellan Lutz is young and if they are looking for a younger version of Adam and He-Man he would be their next best choice. The reason why I would consider Paul walker is because I think he could grow the hair, put on some muscle and he would portray a good heroic type of character. These three actors would be the best choices in my opinion.

Now we have to cast He-Man’s possibly love interest in the movie franchise which would definitely have to be Teela. No question in my mind that those two would have some sort of love troubles in the movie series. Who would be the best actress to play Teela here are my three choices.

#1 Jennifer Lawrence: (The Hunger Games & X-Men First Class)

#2 Scarlet Johansson: (The Avengers & The Other Bolyn Girl)

#3 Emma Stone: (The Amazing Spider-Man & ZombieLand)

The reasons why these would be my three top choices to play Teela, is because I could see Jennifer Lawrence with the red hair and white unitard and armor right now. She would definitely have the action experience from X-Men & Hunger Games. The reason why I would select Scarlet Johansson is because she rocked in Avengers…and I think she just like Jennifer Lawrence would definitely be capable of handling all of the stunts Teela would do. Finally Emma Stone because she too would be able to handle the role and has a good appeal to me, she has the natural red hair to…

Ok now for who would portray Skelator…Man at Arms….the Sorceress, and some viallins like Trap-Jaw and Beast-Man, should Orco be in the movie? What about Evil Lynn? Which characters do you think deserve the nod to be in the movie…Here are my choices below of who should be in the first installment of the movie.

#1 Skelator

He needs to be in this movie. I think the perfect person to be him would be the same guy who did the voices for him in the original animated series. Skeletor would be animated anyway so just get him to do the voice overs just like the person did for Optimus Prime in the movie adaptions. Do not kill Skelator off in the first movie, the whole point is for Skelator to escape if He-Man wins for the sequel, make it seem though he could be dead but can be brought back for the sequel.

#2 Man at Arms

Who is the best choice to play Man at Arms….

#1 Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

#2 Daniel Craig (James Bond)

#3 Liam Neeson (Taken, Star Wars, Batman Begins)

The reason why I have chosen these three actors is because it would be interesting to see Hugh Jackman play man at arms…give him some grey hair and mustache and I think he would pull it off just as he did Wolverine. Daniel Craig only because he has played a character similar to this because of James Bond. Craig could handle all the neat gadgets and weapons that Man at Arms would have. Liam Neeson only because if you saw Taken, and his fighting skills are very capable of handling this role as well.

#3 Evil Lynn

Teela needs someone to fight with on the big screen, Evil Lynn would need to be portrayed by someone who could handle being a tough villain. Here is who I would select to portray the on screen version of Evil Lynn.

#1 Catherine Zeta Jones (Rock of Ages)

#2 Mila Kunis (Ted & That 70’s Show)

#3 Kristen Stewart (Twilight series)

The reason why these three would be my three choices is because…Catherine Zeta Jones would definitely have the look and eyes and body to portray evil lynn. Imagine her with the eye make-up and unitard with a black gown. She would definitely play this role well. Mila Kunis just because she has the eyes for this character down already, she could work the evil eyes well and the make-up and costume would be icing on the cake. The only reason why I would select Kristen Stewart is because she has the pale white skin down and also has been in a few battle sequences in the Twilight series. So Kristen could pull off a good scrap with any of the three Teela’s I choose on the big screen.

So I believe I handled the main characters for the movie so far but what about the supporting characters and villains, I’ll list one character with one name for possible casting beside each, just think about it…..after I post it.

The Sorceress --- Gwyneth Paltrow (Iron Man)

Trap Jaw --- Ray Park (GI Joe, Phantom Menace)

Beast Man --- Dave Batista (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Orco --- Animated more than likely with the voices from the animated series just like Skelator

I think these would be enough characters for the first movie for Masters of the Universe. So picture this cast, having taken all my first picks. It would look something like this, just for example:

He-Man Masters of the Universe—Starring—Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwynyth Paltrow, Ray Park, & Dave Batista.

Anyways that is all for now TTFN.


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