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The man is no ordinary Superhero but he is without powers unlike most common heroes. His ability to use his mind as his greatest weapon makes him stand out more than the rest. Most heroes have powers or have something that gives them powers. Green Lantern wouldn’t be a superhero without his ring, X-Men are mutants and born with special abilities, Superman was born on a different planet and adjusted to earth’s atmosphere while developing superhuman abilities, what about the Fantastic Four; they wouldn’t be them without the Cosmic Rays so Batman stands out because he has no powers at all.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the character is that he trains harder than any other hero and yes you can argue it but how would you? Why do I say this, look at other heroes, yes they train, like the X-Men in the chamber room or Hal Jordan being in the Military that’s a given and Hawkeye with his keen eye but Batman is different in the sense where he has to build his body and mind the hard way through rigorous fitness and through Combat training where he has to know where to hit and his timing is incredible, all without the aid of superhuman abilities. His gadgets are the stuff of legends and unlike Tony Stark as Iron Man, Batman/Bruce Wayne builds his gadgets in a way that has more use than rockets or bullets all over the place.

To end this, there’s only one Batman. It’s not a knock to any hero but Batman will always be one of the top heroes of all-time because for one he’s got the cooler gadgets than Iron Man bar none, way better suit (not like the film versions of the 40’s and 60’s) and he’s one of the fittest men in Superhero Lore because he has train more than anyone else, most have powers and have regenerating abilities that help them build muscle, Batman busts his ass doing mostly bodyweight type training like Push-ups and Sit-ups, some weight lifting but not the typical mom and pop barbell/dumbbell training and his combat skills are second to none and I’m not surprised if he does Isometrics, he can hit pretty damn hard and is fast for a big man. All in all, he’s Batman, no one can top that.

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