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Jo Lamar

I recently had the chance to review Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Gravity’ at a pre-screening event, and I must confess that this film was beautifully touched, displaying cinema in such a daring, unique, yet remarkable form. The interesting thing about this film, even though it was billed as science fiction, I saw nothing but pure authenticity on screen. Before watching Gravity, I assumed this film would be another Hollywood film about aliens, considering majority of the film is set in space, and there is only so much one can present in a space realm, but after observing this incredible work of cinema, I truly understand there is a whole other world for filmmakers to deeply explore for the silver screen, which is what Gravity accomplished.


Mr. Cuarón took a daring chance with this film, which has now become something to remember; not only in sci-fi cinema, but also as a touching dramatic piece. Most people are going to rave about the visual effects, but it is the powerful storytelling and stunning acting performances that really captured the essence of what pulled gravity together as a masterpiece. Sandra Bullock’s performance was like one with the audience. As an audience member, I felt one with her throughout this entire journey, as if we were one on a pending quest for survival. As a viewer, It is like Bullock takes you with her, emotionally and physically, that is just how beautifully executed her performance was. Moreover, George Clooney’s support surely adds on, providing a great sense of comfort, control and trust that helps build the amazing chemistry of the two actor’s performances.

The main reason I adored this film is because it did not appear as a cliché film about space extraterrestrials taking over the world, but it actually presented a dramatic situation in realism. Sandra Bullock’s character displayed such an incredible transformation arc dealing with isolation, depression and the struggle of hope and fate. This is one of the few films that successfully took realism into space with such storytelling accomplishment, and I definitely foresee an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. ‘Gravity’ was absolutely ground breaking; it proved that while in life the sky may be the limit, but in cinema the limit tends to go beyond.


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