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Jack Kelleher
After last Friday (Tuesday if you live in the States) I have to say I'm looking forward to this week's AOS. I think my main concern (and everyone else's) was that we would lose the magic that is Marvel films in the transition from Film to TV show, However I have been put at ease by the Pilot episode. It had everything a promising series should have, the plot line was good allowing screen time for the team to be assembled and the main problem they would be dealing with.I also liked the recurring theme of the series, well there were a few really, which are; Who is behind the Centipede? How is Coulson alive? because what he believes to have happened clearly isn't true after Hill and Streiten's conversation.
Streiten: "He really doesn't know, does he?"
Hill: "He can never know"
Clearly this is going to be the underlying mystery that will probably be revealed in the finale of the series, similar to the Doctor Who arcs: Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Mr Saxon (A.K.A The Master), You Are Not Alone, Vanishing Planets, The Cracks in Time ectr. I imagine as the series will progress we will have episodes focusing on specific characters of the team so they can develop, almost like the first few episodes of Torchwood. Overall I think this will turn into a very good series once it has established it's basics in the first few episodes.
Hey guys please feel free to tell me what you really think, criticism is welcome well obviously I would prefer not to get any but I understand there are things I need to improve when writing articles. Also any suggestions of future articles are welcome too :D


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