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I find myself to be inspired by films that have a great story, and amazing characters.
Heather Murphy

Shakespeare holds a special place in my heart. I love it even more when it's performed by actors who do the text justice.

I've been watching the Hollow Crown Series on PBS. I am blown away by the acting. Ben Whitshaw as Richard II and Rory Kinnear as Henry Bolingbroke are fantastic. Ben Whitshaw won the British Academy Television Award for best actor. But, I think Rory Kinnear was way better than Ben Whitshaw.

Richard II is the beginning of the Henirad by William Shakespeare. It has all the good stuff needed for a Shakespeare play. Murder, betrayal, and intrigue. Henry Bolingbroke is banished for six years when Thomas Mowbray is banished for life. While in Henry's absence, Richard seizes all of Henry's assets causing Henry to rebel, thus deposing Richard crowing himself King Henry IV.

It is very important for any Shakespeare play, to have good actors present the written word. I am enjoying this very much. Stay tuned for my review on Henry IV part 1.


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