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Well now that we know that Batman VS Superman is about to hit the big screen in 2015. I thought it would be fun to do an article about some other movies similar to Batman VS Superman that I would like to see on the big screen. Some of these I know are very unlikely not to happen, but one can dream, right?

So, let’s start with one that I know I have spent many hang outs with my friends arguing about this one. Who would win a fight between… Conan & Hercules?

Now for this particular movie I have selected the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Conan to take on Kevin Sorbo’s version of Hercules. I’m pretty sure that picture is from Kull the Conqueror but it was the best one of Sorbo I could find. This would be an interesting scrap to see on the big screen and it could happen, not like either of these two movies have constraints on either franchise.

How would the two stories tie in together is a difficult question to answer, but I’m sure Hollywood could think up a good plot for it. Personally I think Conan would destroy Hercules but I think in the movie there would be more than one scrap that would progress this fight, however in the end though Hercules would wind up bowing down to the King of the Cimmerians.

This could be interesting, what if this movie happened?:

I think lots of us would love to see this scrap on the big screen. Imagine the explosions and endless body count that would fall around these two while they went at it. I of course, think it would end with RoboCop taking this one in the end, after all RoboCop would not stop until his mission to take out the Terminator would be complete. Likewise with the Terminator if his mission was to take out RoboCop these two would go at it until one was a scrap pile of mutilated metal and flesh.

Ever since I read the comic book series for this next one, I have wanted this to be a movie on the big screen.

Sorry to say but I have seen Super Man & Bat Man movies for years and if there is one foe I’d want Bat Man to have a versus movie against first. It would not be Super Man, it would be this alien hunter sent to take Bat-Man’s spinal cord as a prize. Would it not be interesting to see Robin & Batgirl also both try and help Batman out but fail as Predator would claim both of their skulls as trophies? Not trying to kill off popular characters or anything, there would have to be a body count for Predator in this movie. Someone would have to die. In the end though Bat Man would take this scrap with his trusty gadgets and brains….when he constructs a suit of armor to take this Giant Hunter from another planet on.

This next scrap on the big screen is something I would much rather see than Bat Man VS Super Man any day. I don’t know how many times on my fingers I could count on how many times these two have scrapped in comic books. But why not the big screen?

This is a fight that I have visualized in my head growing up and read in comic books over and over again. Every time these two went at they left quite a big mess behind of them when they were finished. Most of the time it was Dare Devil who wound up winning the battle, once in a while Spider Man would sneak in a few wins here and there as well. However they also have teamed up many times to take on the King Pin of crime Wilson Fisk. So if Batman VS Superman could happen then why could not this movie, I could also see this being the start to the Marvel Knight`s franchise, with Luke Cage, Moon Night, Iron Fist joining the mix.

This next one could possibly every, fan boy`s dream scrap. If this were to ever take place on the big screen. Most of us would go crazy if it were to happen, but it very unlikely because both of these characters are from DC & Marvel. For it to happen both of them would have to come to a compromise and just let the money flow and then figure out who would get the money.

You want to talk about a big scrap; these two would go at it for days, maybe even months before either of them even broke a sweat. I know it is probably not possible, but every fan boy can dream right. Could you imagine the destruction these two would cause in this movie? You think the first two Hulk, movies and Man of Steel had a lot of wreckage. This movie would have a thousand times more destruction from this spectacular scrap. Imagine HULK smashing Superman into the ground and Superman punching Hulk so hard he rockets into space, nearly causing him to pass out from having no oxygen. In the end though I think Superman would take this fight and eventually learn how to not aggravate Hulk and to use this to make him grow weaker.

The only way Hulk could win this fight were if he were to get some kryptonite and actually have the brains to use it. Bruce Banner could possibly figure this out, about Superman but would the mindless Hulk have the brains to utilize this weapon during the fight?

So with that said, I will leave you all with this to think about.

Until next time TTFN!


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