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Blu and Jewel, voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway respectively, are returning to theaters this spring and is taking the whole gang -- complete with kids -- to the Amazon Forest.

A second "Rio 2" trailer was released this morning and offers a lot of new goodies, including a cute, melodious squirrel.


Among the mainstays include George Lopez as the cockatoo Rafael, Will.I.Am as Pedro and Jamie Foxx as Nico. Also returning are Tulio and Linda, voiced by Rodrigo Santoro and Leslia Mann respectively as well as the villainous Nigel voiced by Jermaine Clement.

Another highlight from the trailer include Jewel meeting her father Eduardo again. Eduardo aka. "Pop-pop" is voiced by Andy Garcia. Also new in the film is Kristin Chenoweth voicing the pink frog Gabi.

Hitting theaters April 11, 2014, "Rio 2" will surely be a fun film for the whole family.


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