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Very few TV shows get their own movie or a movie becomes a TV show and there have been thoughts of certain shows having a movie of their own. When it comes to certain characters we all love or hate there’s a piece of us that want to see that character on the big screen and I firmly believe Castle should be one of them. This character has been one of the biggest names in the last few years due to his charm, his passion for catching bad guys to use for his next book and the occasional dorkiness he brings to the rest of the crew on the show and come on the guy is ruggedly handsome. Nathan Fillion does for Castle is what Johnny Depp does for Jack Sparrow. It gives them that incredible appeal as women love them and men aspire to fill their shoes because of the charisma and it works.

This show has people with chemistry written all over the place. You can’t help but love them even when they get serious and show some killer drama. Beckett & Castle share a chemistry that most shows with a duo never quite achieve with that level of success. They have a great supporting cast that just has the attributes to fulfill that balance of laughter, drama and action.

Let’s face it, if they can get away with all those books that Richard Castle out on the shelves, think what a movie franchise would do. Although most shows made into films are usually when the show has ended and trying to bring that spark of the characters back to life wouldn’t you love to see that cast up on the big screen. Beckett and Castle bring a whole new meaning to the term dynamic duo (too bad that was wasted on Batman & Robin) because these guys are awesome and they give off that great charisma and magnetic personality it works for everyone around them and have their own little moments that bind together to make a show of that caliber worthy of the big screen.


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