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For a while now, Simon Pegg has been watching every Marvel fan, every movie goer and every Edgar obsessor go crazy over his Twitter trolling, of which he made out to be the top choice for upcoming Marvel super-small hero, Ant Man. Personally, I'm going with the assumption that he did it deliberately as a red herring because of the fact that he may be in talks for the role, but why do I expect that?

1. He Knows His Stuff

Just because an actor doesn't know his character, this doesn't necessarily mean they can't pull it off well. But when an actor has a since-childhood experience of their own character you just can't go wrong – after so many years the actor develops a strong understanding of the universe and the characters within it and it empowers the application of that understanding into the performance. Pegg knows everything about everything when it comes to sci-fi and superhero fiction; if he's involved in this it's going to look good for him.

2. We Know He Can Kick Ass

After Shaun of the Dead, perhaps we weren't entirely aware of Simon's capability as an action-packed actor. Then we watched Hot Fuzz and The World's End, two films which proved him to be a true master of movie action without having all the special moves and the dark powers – his flawless presence on set and stage gives him energy that empowers him in a fight. For that reason, we believe he can kick-ass as a superhero, big or large.

3. Remember Who's In Charge Here

Given that Edgar Wright, Simon's bestie and No.1 partner in crime, is in control of Ant-Man, it only seems legitimate that he would have said actor as his frontliner in the movie. After everything they've been through in the field of production, Wright finally gets his big-shot with a genuine highly-anticipated Marvel movie, and who better to trust with that than Simon Pegg? He said it was going to be satirically comedic, and I can easily picture the two of them doing that same sort of theme they've had with previous films but applied to the Marvel Universe. It works perfectly.

4. He's British!

I've seen many people aiming to criticise the fact that Simon might not pull off an American accent, or he shouldn't play an American character; I think they're missing the point. Why should he be American? Just let Hank be British, it doesn't really matter. Besides, we all know that the cinema industry like to make particular changes to please the largest audience, and since the majority of America have come to adore Simon Pegg's British humour, they would only expect a British Hank Pym. We don't have enough Brits on the Avengers team, it would be nice to see how their humour and behaviour contrast with each other (assuming we do see him in Avengers 2 if he creates Ultron).

5. He's Got The Chemistry

Simon's witty personality frequently portrayed in his films will bounce off characters like Robert's so well. Imagine Hank and Tony arguing (be it emotionally or in the context of science and technology), it would be like watching Stark confronting a British version of himself. A lot of people are saying that he will invent Ultron; I'm hoping for a double-act thing here. That way we see the chemistry which will make 45% of the movie as well as the moment when shit gets serious – something that Simon can also work with well. He isn't just a man of comedy, he can play it serious if need be – you only need to watch Star Trek Into Darkness to see the truth in that.

If you've got any more reasons you'd like to share, please do below! I've got more of course, but I don't want to overload the article with my babbling.


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