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Looks like scandals aren’t the only thing that Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) is fixing (and by that, I mean she’s obviously fixing TV).

(Looking good, Olivia!)

Last night, Scandal‘s season-three premiere raked in its all-time high of 10.5 million viewers. I’m guessing that people were really interested to know who in the living f*ck leaked Olivia’s name to the press. This impressive feat resulted in the series being up 59% from it’s season-two premiere. On top of that, the show had Twitter in a frenzy, as people tweeted more than 700,000 tweets about it (I should know; I think I provided like one-seventh of those tweets). Things like , , and a whole bunch of other Scandal buzzwords were trending for a huge chunk of the night (even after its premiere). Also, this has to be my favorite line from the show last night (and just so we avoid spoilers, I’m not telling you in what context it was said; so you’ll have to watch it yourself):

“Are we Gladiators or are we b*tches?” as said by Harrison (played Columbus Short).

You can view an image of the quote below:

Moving on, Tony Goldwyn (who plays Fitz) recently talked to E! News about what Scandal fans should expect from the show this season:

“The thing about season three is all of the sort of strands of the different characters’ agendas and issues kind of come together…without so much pyrotechnics but in a much deeper kind of darker way, more rooted into our characters,” He said. “[Olivia]‘s dad’s a scary dude. So that all gets really weird.”

Yeah, no kidding.

(…Yeah. This motherf*cker is beyond scary.)

If any of you guys watched the ending to the season-three premiere yesterday, then you know that Olivia’s dad is not to be f*cked with…as Cyrus found out.

…Well…I’ve said too much already.

Anyways, I’ll definitely be catching next week’s episode. What say you? Share your thoughts below!

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